About Me..

Hello and welcome to my website,i am sidharth vinod and i am currently in year 1 in DIT(Diploma in Information Technology) at Singapore Polytechnic.I was an ex-student at commonwealth secondary school and an ex-Dragon-Boater

Getting to know me

Some people would describe me as lazy and i admit i am a couch-potato but I am an super curious person and if i can’t solve a problem,i would spend a long time finding a solution.I like being self-taught and learning programming-language and other useful skils.If you have any question you are free to contact me.Don't be afraid to contact me and if i have a motto it is never be afraid to ask More information can be found at the feedback page

My favourite Game

More Information about me...

I like playing games like Minecraft.I started playing the game since 2015.To me the game is very fun and it lets me be very creative and express my creativity freely by creating anything in my mind’s eye.I can also play together with my friends on a common server,which help me bond at a closer-level.I also can make new friends and play with them.You can download the game at the official Minecraft site or here